Current Meme’s

I thought this time I would take a look at some off the current memes going around.

The most recent and officially recognised Meme is the Overly Attached Girlfriend which was created in June this year. Basically it spawned from a girl uploading a parody of a Justin Bieber song with her own personal lyrics which were very very clingy, a bit stalker like and rather creepy!!!

Try spot her blink…

It received 1.35 views in less than 48 hours and was picked up by lots of blogs and soon became an ‘advice animal’ image which is the image of a character accompanied by captioned text which represents the characters trait or an archetype, which then if popular, becomes a well known meme.

There are thousands more versions of the meme here, all equally clingy and creepy. There are even more spin offs such as the Overly Attached Boyfriend and it made the news.

Ermahgerd its Ermahgerd!

This lovely lady first appeared in March 2012. It began with the image of a girl posing with Goosebumps books being used in a YouTube video  “Mah Fravorit Berks!” which featured the image and a voice-over of the caption.

It then went on to star in other popular internet forums with several other captions but by May 2012 “Ermahgerd” had stuck. The captions are written to sound like you have an orthodontic retainer in.

Several companies on Facebook have been using this to promote deals and specials and there are of course the mandatory knock offs like this one

Another meme I like, though not as mainstream around the world is ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

You may have seen the posters and a few retailers are doing knock offs.

It was produced by the UK government in 1939 at the beginning of the second world war and was intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of a Nazi invasion. It was not widely distributed and quickly forgotten until the year 2000 when Barter Books found a copy. The image is now considerd public domain as the 50 year copy rite has run out, so it has been open to a;l sorts of interpretations including its opposite “Now Panic and Freak Out.” It has become popular because it “taps directly into the country’s mythic image of itself: unshowily brave and just a little stiff, brewing tea as the bombs fall.” (reference)

This is the original story about how the poster came about, I really enjoyed it and didn’t realise it had such a strong history behind it when I first started seeing the spin offs.

And now here’s a few more…

And thanks to a comment last post, I had a look at the Meme app for smart phones, its an easy way to recreate a meme using their existing pics from popular memes and you simply input your text into them which appears on the top and bottom.

Very easy and straight forward, you just need something clever to say!

Until next time, Keep Calm and Stay Reading 🙂


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  1. animalsheard replied:

    Hahaha, its hilarious that people will create such videos.
    Any that appear overtly crazy and self absorbed (most usually are), usually end up as some form of inspiration for a meme.
    I wonder how these people feel about this occurring, do they dislike it or simply enjoy attention in any form?

    Do you know of any cases where the “victim” of a meme has pursued legal action?

    • thereisclare replied:

      Hey nice thought! The only thing I can think of is groups like Anonymous getting into trouble, but I don’t think there’s been anything against the ‘victim.’ There was a girl who claims she is the Ermahgerd girl but she seems pretty happy to be in the spotlight. Maybe people like the publicity? I’ll keep a eye out though and thanks for reading 🙂

  2. animalsheard replied:

    oopps sorry was signed in as my own blog.
    for Terry’s reference this was a post by Duane.


  3. agent evocateur replied:

    I totally did not see overly attached GF blink! Thanks again for such a fun read, I have pretty much stalk your blog! Can I pretty pretty please make a special request for the very kitschy Korean kimchi Psy for your next post #ganghamstyle xoxo

  4. Sky replied:

    great writing and research. I love the history behind “Keep calm and carry on” meme posters and art work that has popped up everywhere in recent years. It certainly is a message for dar and difficult times.

    did you know that WW2 was mostly won on propganda, Good old Churchill commissioned many artists to create propaganda and use visual imagery to lift the spirits of UK people. Likewise black propaganda was used by Hitler & co.

    Another popular meme you may be interested in was “Kilroy was here”, it was widely used by American military troops stationed across the world during and after the war.

    In fact the graffiti meme ended up in bathroom walls and offices in Hitlers and Stalin’s precincts, sending them into a frizz, thinking it was a high level spy code!!

    I look forward to reading your other interesting posts.

    • There is Clare replied:

      Oh wow i never knew about Kilroy was here! Funny how just a few words can turn into a whole movement!

  5. Adam Reed replied:

    This is great Clare. I have been seeing meme’s everywhere lately, and I first thought they were a cheesy way for high school kids to pass their time, but upon closer inspection some of them are extremely witty and very funny.
    Thanks for doing some research and letting us know the history behind them, I find it very interesting!
    The Overly Attached Girlfriend is quite humourous, I even follow Overly Attached Girlfriend on twitter, some of her tweets crack me up.
    I’m amazed that we are able to click buttons and get a thorough insight into the sense of humour which permeates everyday people like you and me. Pre the digital era, we would’ve had to rely on our friendship circle to see what made people laugh but now it is all around us!

    • There is Clare replied:

      Thanks for reading Adam! Yeah I’m finding it really interesting looking into the histroy of Meme’s as well and never though there was so much behind them!

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