I thought I would take a look at memes that have a large user generated base and can be easily reproduced. These types of memes are known as ‘Exploitables’ as they are usually empty templates which are easy to edit and replicate. They are usually pretty basic images and can be a single pane, or more in the form of a comic.

Reddit/rage comics first appeared on influential web group 4chan, a notorious for causing trouble on the internet. Rage comics are typically used to tell stories about peoples lives or experiences and end with a funny punch line.

This guy:

Was the first one to appear on 4chan in 2008 and was used in comics about rage and anger. He was called rage guy, hence the name rage comics, and was the beginning of several more rage comic stars.

In July 2009 Reddit (a social news aggregation site which has a very large influence over memes on the internet) posted rage guy up and allowed its users to submit their own variations of the comic. This led to other characters

They are so successful because they have universally recognisable faces and expressions so everyone can relate to them. I’d say you can pretty much find any emotion you want noe!

Someecards are also very popular and pop up everywhere! The website allows users to create their own e cards with a twist on a traditional greeting card message. They using a sarcastic or egotistic attitude that pokes fun at peoples personality traits or behavior. They could be considered a bit offensive if taken seriously, but there is a card for every occasion!

The site was created on April 18, 2007 by Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell. Brook was working in an advertising and went to pitch what she called “the lamest idea I’ve ever pitched” To Duncan.  He loved it and they got the investors together and the site took off. It was so successful that they have both quit their day jobs, see there is money in meme’s!!! If your interested there’s an interview with Brook here

There’s loads more on the website to look at!

One of my favourite exploitables is the Philosoraptor

Again it started on 4Chan with a photo shopped picture of a Jurassic Park Velociraptor with a book of Plato in March 2007. It is one of the most popular meme series with over 38,000 generated. It consists of the Philosoraptor and an interesting thought such as:

Yeah, think about it!

Sam Smith of Lonley Dinosaur put a copyright on the design in 2008 when he placed the image on a t-shirt. He’s perfectly happy for people to continue using the image but would love to know whostarted putting text over it. Heaps more here should you need to ponder life 🙂

Finally the most recent example of an exploitable is this little guy, the worlds grumpiest cat called Tardar Sauce, or Tard for short.

The picture was viewed more than a million times in the first 48 hours of its upload to Reddit and Facebook. She looked unique as a kitten with an underbite and is a little less coordinated than a normal cat, which could explain why she looks so grumpy

Not nearly as happy as this guy though!

mwahahah couldn’t resist!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ash replied:

    Someecards is great – I want them! Thanks for the posts – really interesting, nice mix of pictures words and video – and even though you didn’t seem to sure about the word – i at least found them really helpful :-). not so sure by the background image – I got a bit distracted by it – mind you looking at my site it’s not like i can talk 🙂 Would love to be able to give a thumbs up or a rating to your posts to show appreciation.


    • There is Clare replied:

      Thanks for reading Ash!

  2. Sky replied:

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for your entertaining posts!

    The lol cats, ecards and meme craze is fantastic. who would have imagined 5 years ago that people would spend their spare time surfing the web and sharing coll visula content with their friends and strangers around the world.

    I love the creativity and collaboration and exposure to different syles and applications that stem from the memes and social media sites you have mentioned.

    An inspirational post

    cheers, sky

    • There is Clare replied:

      Thanks Sky! It is pretty amazing how far we have come and how the silliest thing can become a sensation online.

  3. agent evocateur replied:

    Bwahahaha! Someecards always make my day as they are sooo applicable for every situation and certain people 😉 That rage guy is still doing the rounds heaps in FB posts as well, it’s amazing how long they have actually been around! As for Tard, it reminded me of the class we had on cats and after that day, I seem to notice cats everywhere on FB too! Didn’t realise a lot of my GFs had kitty fever…

    Awesome post as always, looking forward to the next one xoxo

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